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The pictures on the member's page are strictly of members and/or their Guzzis. Here in the gallery you will also find snaps of member's other bikes (eg non-Guzzis), their families, runs and social events, etc. Basically, anything that web admin finds relevant or interesting. (Instructions for submitting material appear below.)

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This page is maintained by Pogo.

Some of the pictures in the aigor gallery may have also appeared on other websites. They have come from a range of sources, many of which are obscure. If you see anything which you think either shouldn't be here, or should be attributed, please let me know. If you want your pics attributed, please say so when submitting. Admin accepts no responsibility for other people using your pictures or other files without consent. By submitting files to the aigor gallery, you are placing them in the public domain.

Need help scanning stuff? Read this article by Bryan Both to get you started.

Submitting Pictures

Ignore these guidelines at your peril !

All pictures for the aigor gallery or member's page must be:
  • Scanned at 72 dpi (dots per inch), unless the original image is considerably smaller than a standard snap, in which case 150 dpi may be used.
  • Saved in JPEG format, ie, with filename extensions of '.jpeg' or '. jpg'.
  • No larger than 80 kb. Unless it's something really special, it will probably be downsized to 50 or 60 anyway. (If you don't know how to tell the size of a file, find it in Windows Explorer - wherever you saved it - and from the 'View' menu, select 'Details'. To resize, you will need image editing software.)
  • Attached to an email, no more than two (2) at a time, and sent to web admin:
Please note: admin reserves the right to rename your files, and to resize and/or crop them, but will not otherwise alter them without consultation.

If you have something you want included, but it falls outside these guidelines, and you don't know how to fix it, please mail me and discuss. I can probably point you in the right direction.