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Welcome to AIGOR's Tech Tips. Got a problem with your Guzzi and want to get your hands dirty? We may just have the answer.

If we don't have the answer you may find some interesting tidbits along the way for future reference. These pages are made up of submissions from members. They range from suggestions for quick fixes or improvements, to detailed procedures for complex tasks, and even explanations of fundamental mechanical principles.

Apply the procedures described herein at your own risk. AIGOR members have submitted this information in good faith, but neither members nor admin will be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss of performance resulting from your use of these procedures. The AIGOR Tech Page is not intended to replace your repair manuals, your common sense, or your responsibility for your choices and actions.

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If you have a useful tech tip, anything from a novel application for left-handed grease nipples to a detailed description of a gearbox overhaul, let me know...

If you find innaccuracies in part numbers etc. please email me or the AIGOR Mailing List (if you are a member). These pages are maintained by Raf Dedal.

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