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Jeff Griffiths
age: 45
Location: Seaford Victoria
bikes: CA 250 Honda Rebel, Kawasaki Z550 1982, Californa EV, Black and Grey colour.

Just got back into bikes after 23 years and 4 kids. Still on a restricted licence but brought a new Guzzi last week at a substantial discount to prices I had been quoted in the past.Always had my heart set on this bike even though if your old and gray, non-riders only talk and think of Harleys. Jioned Ulysses Club and am having a ball. Know that our kids are starting to fly away my wife has her interests and I have again become obssessed with bikes. I love the Guzzi look, the way it vibrates at idyll, and the handling is setting the pace for cruisers. Still unsure of some things such as best revs due to the engines tightness. Cruise at 3500 or 4000.revs I still can't feel when the bike is most happy? Mates say I haven't stopped smiling in the last two weeks. Off to SA in March for the Ulysses AGM. I can't wait. Thanks for the page and your efforts in putting it together. Jeff

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Bill Denton
age: 49
Location: Brisbane
bikes: 2001 California EV

My 1st Guzzi was a Cali II which I owned for 13 years of total enjoyment. My second Guzzi was a 2001 Blue EV which was written off by a tin top who rear ended me while I was on my way to Phillip Island. My new mount is a black Norge GT & what a difference to the Cali's. The more I ride it the more I enjoy it..

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Michael Bonacci
age: 49
Location: Brighton East, Vic
bikes: Red 1990 LeMans Mk V Road Bike

This is my first MG, replacing a Yamaha XV1000. Modifications include: Contis Exhaust Pipes, Electronic Ignition, Polished Rocker Covers, Polished Metal Alternator Cover, Crash Bars on Heads. Rediscovered motorcycles 5 years ago, after a 17 year dry spell. Main interest is road & off-road riding (socially rather than sports racing). General comments: A fantastic bike, in immaculate condition, with some 70,000km on the clock! Proud to be a Guzzi owner

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Rob Blumenthal
age: 40 odd
Location: Bowen Mountain NSW
bikes: MkV Le Mans

One time secretary MGOA NSW

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Dave Freeman
age: Born 1958, still searching for the meaning of life, 42 has been and gone.
Location: Mothar Mountain, Qld. (near Gympie)
bikes: '84 950 LeMans 111, '84 1000SP

Started riding in Adelaide at 16 and haven't been without a bike since. I ended up living near Gympie because there's lots of twisty roads, albeit that they're narrow, rough and decaying. I ride nearly every day. I'm seldom seen on the Highways, prefering to take almost any road that avoids traffic and the associated hassles. Likewise I'm very seldom seen near cities. Single, again! Currently studying and working and studying and working, not much time for the bikes, next year!!! Short, round and with mildly bad habits.

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Paul Nuttridge
location: Wellington NZ
bikes: MkII LeMans

I used to think I knew a little about bikes until I bought my Guzzi! (sigh) I rudely awoke it when it was having a really long sleep and the first couple of months of ownership were, um, 'testing'??

I'd found a 1980 Mk11 LeMans with 9,600 km's on the clock and complete with factory tyres etc etc. Wow! Experience with brit bikes convinced me that the high initial price did not matter as it was pretty clear it had not been messed with. Also it has the close ration straight cut gear box which is (I understand) quite rare.

Anyway I've put 5,000 extra K's on it now and it seems to have settled down a bit. I need to rebuild the front end this winter as it is pretty soggy and I'm not sure wether to lash out on a Dyna ignition for it. Worthwhile??

I've been riding since I was 15 (AJS 500 single) and took a couple of years off (not counting chook chasers) when the morgage was too frightening and the kids were still soggy and smelt funny. I'm now 43 (sigh), happily married 21 years to a patient saint (anyone who will willingly ride pillion on this thing is a marvel)and have 3 great daughters.

My 'other' ride is a 1970 Triumph TR6C, A sort of silly early 'Adventure Bike'. (every ride is an adventure) I love it to bits but it is having a wee rest 'cos it felt tired one day and needed a break! It will be fixed soon as I've committed to a big ride next year on it!! (be too easy on the 'Guzzi.

My favourite Guzzism is: When operating inside of it's performace window the 'Guzzi is a relevation. It's just that it has a really small window.

Still, on the right road the whine from the straight cut gears (astonishingly loud), the roar from the carbs and the blat from the pipes would put a horn on a jelly fish. Loverly!

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Allan Keleher
age: 42
Location: Bundaberg, Qld
bikes: 1986 Le Mans IV

I am married with three children. Two now have left home leaving my wife and 13year old at home with me. Gives me more time to ride the Guzzi but still not enough. Always had Jap bikes before. Never again I reckon. Long term plan to get a sports 1100 but that'll have to wait as my financial director won't allow that until I sell the MkIV, but that's not likely. It's got 105,000klm and still going strong. Staintune, 18" front wheel is great improvement over stock, timing gears. There is a strong Guzzi element now in Bundaberg. I reckon about 7 or 8 mates and mates of mates have Guzzis here ranging from a meticulously restored Lemans I (just sold) through to Centauro, Sports, Corser and Daytona.

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Andy Griffiths
age: 46
Location: Lobethal
bikes: 1100sport injection, T3 1976

T3 is great and plods on relentlessly. Only done 120'000 miles. 1100 sport is a disappointment to say the least. Old technology with modern electronics don't mix!

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Andy Murray
age: 21+GST
Location: Whangamata, NZ
bikes: MkV Le Mans & assorted Jappas

Enjoy rides around home here on the Coromandel Peninsula. Surf a malibu. Live on a farm. Married with 2 girls.

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Libby Ross
age: 35
Location: South Melbourne
bikes: 1967 V7

One time Australian importer of Moto Guzzi motorcycles and spare parts own a 1967 V7 Moto Guzzi

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age: 40
Location: Townsville
bikes: LeMans Mk V 1993

Owner of several bikes, I think the best for touring is the moto guzzi. I had to keep up with my wife and get a guzzi after her purchase of a V50.

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