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Stuart Garfath
age: 58 and three months (ish)
Location: Kings Langley, NSW
bikes: None yet, BUT, as soon as it clears customs, a V7 Classic!

I'm white, male, born in Sydney 6 aug 1950, married. We left our 1971 wedding reception on my Suzuki 125(cc). Been riding since Sep, 1967, owned four +/- bikes, the Suzi, a Honda 360, Honda 750 Four,(God's gift to bikin' back then) something else, but I forget, and my last was a Triumph 2001 Bonneville, (a very, very sad story!) and about 3-4 loaners (owners were o'seas, I was minding). Had one 'bush-basher' made up from bits from God knows what, - I dunno, too long ago! Anyway, OUR V7 arrives Sydney dockside this 16th Nov, and I have a choice. Do I front the docks as OUR V7 is offloaded, or go to my twin Brother's wedding?, (same day). Bugger! It's the wedding, but I'm leaving early, (a tummy bug), he'll understand, 'cause he's got two bikes at the mo, a Krapasaki Something, and a BMW R90S, - very nicely restored, even if I do say so myself. Anyway, courtesy of the John Sample Group, (Australian importers of Moto Guzzi), I got the invite to check out the first(?) V7 in OZ, I think it was for dealers and such, but they let me in the door, and after three-plus hours giving it the once-over, havin' the odd 'chat', hearing the dual electric horns, (truly Italian!)...and then, The SOUND,- a lumpin' at idle, - Hmmmm,(never heard THAT before), then, with a bit of smooooth throttle,- The SOUND. I crap you not, the SOUND. (know what I'm sayin)? Best I can compare is this: As a 'Vintage' is to the palate, the 'Sound' is surely to the ear, the V7 definitely has a 'Sound', this is the first time I have heard a V7, I am NOT disappointed, look, ya had to be there. I'm 5'3", (do your own metrics) and, as you naturally do as you sit on a bike, you reach for the bars and controls. Simply, with my eyes shut,(my test) my hands went to where everything should've felt 'good' for me, you know, 'bar width', lean, spread, controls, grips, (hard/soft/tight/slack), and except for the left-thumb operated CHOKE LEVER, (it's for where things get cold and snowy), it took me 3.7 seconds to learn, observe and adjust. Later, I stood back looking at it with a 'colour me happy' smile, I reckon even "she who must be obeyed" will rack up some impressive pillion time, this is one sweet machine. I'll keep you informed.

Iain Rathie
age: 44
Location: Brisbane
bikes: 2008 Nevada

I have been a mountain biker (push variety) for many years and have always liked 2 wheels. I used to ride motorcross/enduro back in the school days. The Guzzi (she's called Bella) is my first road bike. I'm doing the commute to work a few days a week. I join a few mates for regular 250-400k weekend rides. And loving it!!

age: 40 something
Location: Phillip Island, VIC
bikes: LeMans mk V 70th anniversary edition

I keep coming back to Guzzi's after BM's, Ducati's and Jap bikes. It feels like a proper bike. I would like a MK1, like everyone else, a Quota 1100 or one of the new Stelvio's.

Wayne Greer
age: 48
Location: Melbourne
bikes: '76 Mk1 Le Mans, '83 Ducati MHR900, '01 MV Agusta F4, '81 Honda CBX1000B

I have had the Le Mans for 25 years and picked the others up along the way. Funnily enough it is still the favourite, which proves they do get under your skin.

Larry Blackmore
age: 57
Location: Sunshine, VIC
bikes: 2001 Stone

Got back into riding 3 years ago after 25 year domestic responsibility. The Stone is my 4th bike in that period and 65000klms. Done heaps of mods on the Stone and a few to go. Love that bike.

Dave Sansom
age: 52
Location: Newcastle, NSW
bikes: V11 Cafe Sport

age: 45
Location: Maleny, QLD
bikes: LM1000, R90/6

Had the Guz for 10 plus years. Luv the old clunka. Like the back country roads, long distance rides, wide open high speed sweeping corners and old country pubs. The beemer is my runaround. I'm a bricky (not very smart but can lift heavy fings) and I enjoy the odd refreshing ale.

Theo Coles
age: 40
Location: Lavender Bay, NSW
bikes: 1983 V50 MkIII

I purchased the V50III a year ago and have been tinkering with it since.

Howard Parslow
age: 62
bikes: 2008 Breva 1200 and BSA Thunderbolt 1967 Police Special

Only started riding motor bikes 6 years ago. I am one of those who nearly bought a Harley but fortunately got onto a BSA instead. Then I decided to spend my long service leave wisely to purchase a modern and I wanted the best naked tourer that I could buy. Final decision was between the BMW R1200R and the Breva 1200. After a test ride of both it was no contest. In comparison the BMW was harsh and skittish and the make and finish not to the standard of the Guzzi. I have just finished the run in 1000 K's and I know I have made the right decision. It is a magnificent bike and I am looking forward to riding to Tassie at the end of the year. Also a plug for the dealer that I puchased the bike viz Garage Motor Cycles at Strathalbyn. Good service and good follow up and know their stuff.

Jason Ammann
age: 33
Location: Sydney
bikes: Breva 1200 Sport

I have had a variety of bikes over the years which I have ridden on and off over that time. I am new to Moto Guzzis, wanted one ever since I was 18 after I watched and heard a Lemans thunder down Huntley Street, St Peters, every morning, whilst I was walking to tech in the morning. I was impressed with the quality of the latest Guzzis and the enclosed shaft (as opposed to the earlier exposed uni jointed shaft), one test ride and I wanted it. It took a few weeks of umming and ahhing before I made the jump. I had a few minor issues with it (it's still Italian no matter the improvements), but I love riding it and thats all that matters I guess.

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