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Arnold (ARNI) Kramer
age: 50
Location: Kallista, VIC
bikes: Griso 1100 - 2006 Black

Michael King
age: 48
Location: Ulverstone, TAS
bikes: V50 II, BMW R 1150GS

Ian Dale
age: 50
Location: Leongatha, VIC
bikes: 850 Le Mans Mark III

The MK 3 was my fist and still is the only Guzzi I've owned. Bought secondhand from an advert stuck on the wall of the now long gone Bol'Dor bike shop (maybe someone else remembers this shop) in Melbourne many years ago, and fitted with sports pipes my by Bill Finnigan. It's still in service today but is only a Sunday ride.

Dave Ell
age: 44
Location: Warnbro, WA
bikes: 2007 Speedmaster '73 Bonneville, '53 A.J.S. 350, '79 Mk2 Lemans

I formerly had a Yam RD250lc and a Suzi GT380. I'm now back riding with several British either accident damaged or needing restoration. I've got a 2007 Speedmaster '73 Bonneville and a '53 A.J.S. 350 but my favorite is my 79 Mk2 Lemans. I resurected the old girl. She'd done over 210,000 km and was out of reg but I fixed her up a bit and now I'm enjoying taking her out for long high speed runs.

Graham Peel
age: 63
Location: Voodend, VIC
bikes: 1998 1100 i Sport

I purchased this bike some months ago from a shed in northern Victoria. It had not been ridden for 3 years apparently with a bad oil leak. I fixed the leak (oil breather hose), and overhauled the bike which was covered in swallow shit, cobwebs and dust. Now the tacho does not work but the bike runs. I am getting the front fairing resprayed red to fix a few scratches etc. Can anyone find me a tacho to suit please.

age: 40 ish
Location: Auckland, NZ
bikes: 89 V65 Lario, 85 V65 Lario SP

When I was younger only had bikes what ever was cheap at the time 2 years ago walked into a yard saw a very sad looking V65 Lario setup for racing. Bought it got it road legal and the love affair started .Then I saw a totally rebuilt 89 V65 on trade me (auction site). Heard La Franco's for the first time. I now make more noise than most things on the road and I love it.

Brian Cutler
age: 50's
Location: Eltham, VIC
Homepage: bikes: V65 Lario, 1977 Convert, 1964 Trotter moped

Mostly a Suzuki and Ducati owner, the Lario is my first Guzzi. I seem to own a lot of late 60's and mid 80's bikes. Maybe I'm living in the past.

age: 46
Location: Central QLD
bikes: 1976 850-T3

Bike has Marzocchi front end, magura clip-ons, 32mm Delorto pumpers, lemans pistons, Koni Shocks. Other than that is standard. It has been off the road for years originally due to a cracked frame. I now have an 850-T frame and want to start total rebuild with a few customisations thrown in.

Graeme Wilson
age: 57ish
Location: Delburn, VIC
bikes: 2008 Bellagio 940, 1949 Sunbeam S7, assorted other oldies.

Doug Scarfe
age: 50
Location: Tasmania
bikes: Sport i 1100

Addicted to guzzis. I used to have a MK 111 but now have a sport.

Desmond Mintern
age: 52
Location: Melbourne
bikes: Le Mans 1000 Mkv 1991

I have had a passion for a Le Mans since 1982 when I rode a demo at Peter Stevens in Melbourne. The following years were filled with houses, a wife and children and saw the dream of doing a factory tour and ride thru Italy fade. Years passed and by 2004 I owned a BMW R80GS. While going to buy parts in Ringwood I noticed that the Le Mans at the back of the showroom was for sale. Since purchasing the bike I have constantly fiddled with it to get it the way I like.

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