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Mark Governato
age: 58
Location: Ingham, QLD
bikes: 750 Nevada Classic

Getting onto a bike again after many years away. Yep kick off with a second hand Guzzi should be the way to go. Low k's, not that old, want to ride but am confronted with poor parts supply. Just wanting to hear stories of Guzzi bikes that are garaged in the bush.

Chris Johnston
age: 45 ish
Location: Blenheim, NZ
bikes: 1984 California II

I have been bak into 2 wheels for a year after been off them for the last 25 years.
I bought a bought a bike from the land of the rising sun (although made in Italy) and loved been back on two wheels so much thought I would buy something different that I can work on as a project as well as ride. I found an '84 Cali II Convert through a friend.
I've still got the tuning (carbs & dizzy) to do then it's out for a spin. The wife and son think it's a cool bike so it gets the thumbs up.

Phil Farrelly
age: 50
Location: Melbourne
bikes: Nevada 750 Club

Weekend rider, interested in day rides out of Melbourne.

Dean Fisher
age: 37
Location: Wauchope, NSW
bikes: MKIII, Bultaco's, Montesa, Gasgas & Ossa

I mainly ride dirt bikes,but also like Italian machines. I have had a few bevel drives in my time, and recently sold my MHR. I cant believe the money people are paying for them. Anyway I wanted to get another bike that was cheaper to maintain and still handled well with that V twin sound. Why not a Guzzi? I was a member of the Guzzi owners club in Victoria, even though I road a Ducati, as the guys and gals there are the best. I did cop lot of ribbing over, as they call it, a rolling time bomb. Referring to the big end. I did go to a couple Ducati owners meetings, well we will leave it at that. So far very happy with the machine.

Stuart Davis
age: 63
Location: South Coast, NSW
bikes: Moto Guzzi 750ie Nevada Classic

Retired, regular rider. Bike is self maintained.

Marcello ForestieriMarcello's sweet V65 Lario
age: 50(ish)
Location: Sydney North
bikes: 1984 V65 Lario, Harley Road King, Honda XR200 (sold my MKIII in a moment of fiscally induced insanity)

Have regularly ridden and owned at least one bike since my first (Suzuki GS400) in 1979. Love just about anything with a vee twin and 2 wheels but particularly anything from Mandello.

Peter Westcott
age: 49
Location: Melbourne
bikes: '75 T3

Bike was originally LAPD spec (ape hangers, footboards etc) but apparently was sold as a civvie. I've converted it to 'Euro' specs and it's a much nicer thing to ride.

Alan Campbell
age: 56
Location: Spring Hill, NSW
bikes: 72 Nuovo Falcone

I'm in the process of restoring the Falcone. It's been off the road while I raised a family. I bought it in 1973 second hand from Ryans in Parramatta for the princely sum of $720

Graeme Studdert
age: 50
Location: Newcastle, NSW
bikes: 8V Griso, 1982 Le Mans 111, 1982 V50 111 & 1976 860GTS Ducati

Confessed Guzzi tragic. Owned Ducati since 1976 but now "seen the light " and converted to Guzzi.

Paul Catt
age: 50
Location: Bathurst, NSW
bikes: 1985 MkIV

Had bike for 15 years, not ridden for last 10. Just getting it back on the road.

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