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Nick Santarelli
age: 54 ish
Location: Adelaide
bikes: 2007 Moto Guzzi California Classic

I rode Japanese superbikes in the 70's when I was a reprobate student. After 26 years, I decided it was time to scratch the itch and buy a cruiser. I did not want a cruiser that did not handle and always loved the Guzzis. I am now getting reaquanted with riding and taking it very easy, just loving it on weekends when I can get away. Peak hour traffic is to be avoided at all costs - no fun.

Ross Wonderley
age: 45
Location: Maitland, NSW
bikes: 2003 Moto Guzzi Breva V750IE

The Breva is my first non-Japanese bike, and a return to riding after several years absence. It came with lots of factory extras, including a larger screen, a centre stand, Hepco & Becker Panniers, Bitubo shocks and a Givi top box.

Peter Jones
age: 47
Location: Melbourne
bikes: T5

Jamie McIlwraithJamie's V7 Clasic at home>
age: 56
Location: Sydney
bikes: Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

I've been riding bikes since 1970, owning all sorts of German and Japanese machines along the way, but this is the first Guzzi I've owned. I was very lucky in the 1980s to have ridden lots of different Guzzis and I decided some times ago that the bike I would buy when I returned to riding after a longish layoff would be a Guzzi.

age: 41
Location: Canberra
bikes: V7 Classic 2008

I'm a late starter to road bikes - I rode dirt bikes as a kid. I was looking at a Truumph bonnie and happened to see a V7. After one ride I was hooked on Guzzi.

James Manser
age: 50 (ish)
Location: Sydney
bikes: 1981 V50 MKIII and an '86 Le Mans 1000 MKIV

I started riding Guzzis about two years ago with the Le Mans 1000 and recently bought a neglected V50. I love the V50 around town.... Sweet, like a coffee grinder and the Le Mans torque is a thumping treat. I would like to become more proficient in the workshop and I am interested in simple technical material. I have owned Japanese bikes from 1976 but I won't be going back now.

Luke Timmermans
age: 40
Location: Central Coast, NSW
bikes: 2005 Breva 1100

previous bikes V11 Sport, 1100 sport, Cali III, 750 Strada I was wondering if there is a group riding to the Island in October

Roger Costa
age: 50
Location: Western Australia
bikes: V50111 TTV65, SP1000 5, Lemans 5 Hondas, Yammy's, BSA's Harleys

Love bike ALL bikes

Dan MoriartyDan's nude LM2
age: 54
Location: Adelaide
bikes: LM2, Ariel 600 sidevalve

I am a member of the V&V club of SA and have a couple of Ariels but have always had a hankering for a 750S3 since I had a ride on the back of my brother in law's one at over 100mph many years ago. I think they are the best looking (and sounding) motor bike ever made by God or man. I finally got a some what nude LM2. I love it. I am going to tidy it up and make it look like a 750s.

Jeffery Halpin
age: 47
Location: Bathurst, NSW
bikes: 1983 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 850 MkIII, 2006 Triumph Bonneville

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