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age: 58
Location: Bullsbrook, WA
bikes: Triking Guzzi, V50, V7 Sport.

I collected 200 Brit bikes off tips in the late 60's and swapped 'em in the 70's for other stuff, including Stornellos, Jap stuff and more Brit. It took 30 years to live my dream of a museum, but alas, Twin Towers has pushed up insurance to rich peoples level, also red tape. I'm now seeing out rest of my days enjoying my Triking Guzzi, V50, V7 Sport and desert runs on my old outfit

Richard Elkins
age: 40s
Location: Kelmscott, WA
bikes: 1995 California 1100, 2008 DRZ 400E

I'm looking for a roundfin classic. A V7 Sport Telaio Rosso would be nice :-)

Tony Houlihan
age: 49
Location: Melbourne
bikes: 1974 850T & 2010 Stelvio

After a lifetime of owning various Japanese & 1 British Bike, I switched to Italiano during 2009. The bug bit and I joined the Moto Guzzi & CIMAA clubs. Apart from enjoying the bikes, I've made some new friends, who obviously share the same interest. Good stuff!

Eddy Wielstra
bikes: 1985 V65C


age: older than I look
Location: Melbourne
bikes: 1991 Magni Sfida 1000

I brought the Magni Sfida 1000 out from the UK. It won best Italian Special at FOIM 2007.

Alf Blanch
age: 78
Location: Terang, Vic
bikes: Moto Guzzi California EV 1999

Retired, and live in a old house on two acres, starting getting to much for an old fellow to cope with all maintenance work and not enough time for riding. Have profession as mechanical engineer,and trade as motor mechanic. I love bike riding since 60 years back. Last ride a 5000 km round trip to Queensland. The Guzzi has been very good except for the sidestand switch witch give trouble if not maintained regular. My other 'bike' is a Lambretta scooter stored in bits and pieces, might get on to it one day.

Ian Mills
age: 57
Location: Gawler, SA
bikes: 1988 Le Mans 1000, 1972 Eldorado (in pieces)

I have just got back into bikes after a lapse of nearly 30 years. I have had the Eldo (which my little brother dismantled in about 1980) since then. I really loved that bike when it was going and decided that if I was going to get another bike, it had to be a Guzzi. I have started restoring the Eldo but it is a big project.

Nick McBride
Location: Cairns, Qld.
bikes: 2006 Griso 1100

I am from SA originally and have been involved in the Moto Guzzi Appreciation Fraternity of SA. The motto for the FRATS is: "Abite in Colles" which is Latin for "Head for the Hills". I live in Cairns now and have done for most of the last 15 years. I used to own a LeMans MkIII which of all the bikes I have owned was my favourite. I recently bought a Griso 1100 and I'm keen to meet other Guzzista. The dry season is upon us in Cairns now so I'm lovin' my rediscovery of the roads up here...

Clinton Steele
age: 48
Location: Hobart
bikes: Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman Racer, Honda XR650L, California Vintage Classic.

Sunday Morning runs in the Tasmanian countryside with my mates (The Single Malt Motorcycle Club of Tasmania) is as good as it gets.
Crisp Autumn and early winter mornings leading to a good cafe in the countryside, followed by an end of day single malt or two.
Winding Roads, beautiful scenery, the light bellow of opened up Arrow Exhausts on the little Guzzi reverberating from the hills. Lusting after a Daytona RS and a 1000S. All good things...

Ron Bennett
age: 70+
Location: Lennox Head, NSW
bikes: 94 Cali 1100i

I had a '94 Cali back in the nineties. Lost job - lost bike - stagnated for a long time - now reincarnated.

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