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Ian Brock
age: 70
Location: Macgregor, ACT
bikes: "70's round fin bitsa", 2010 1200 Sport 4V

I'm a retired firefighter, never without a bike since age 21. I bought a V7 Sport new 1974 (since sold, drat), I have owned a Falcone, a Lodola and them things with bevel driven camshafts. I've also been a longtime owner of Pommie V twins beginning with a V.

Darran Thomas
age: 46
Location: Qld
bikes: Griso 8V

I'm a first time Guzzi owner. It's my one and only bike now. I find it a bit hard to make time to ride as I'm in the family and career comes first stage of life, but will I always have a bike in the garage.

Mark Simpson
age: 52
Location: Kalamunda, WA
bikes: Cali Stone, Rickman Kawasaki

I did my trade on bikes in the seventies and I've had my Rickman since then, but living in the Pilbara for 25 years I didn't ride a lot until moving back to the hills in 2006. At that time I happened to visit a bike shop in Vic Park and there was the MG Cali Stone, I bought it on a whim and fell in love. I still have my Rickman but I enjoy cruising nowadays and the Stone does it for me.

Mark Stuart
age: 54
Location: Pilbara and Victoria
bikes: 1972 850T and 2012 V7 Special Cafe Racer

I've lived, breathed, worked, raced, sweated / bled motorcycling for 20 years. Then I got a family / business and stopped riding daily. Now 12 years later I've rediscovered the passion!

My 2 Guzzis waiting patiently for me to finish building my workshop so I have room to get them going. Rod Kemp
Location: Crafers, SA
bikes: V50 Monza, V50 III, Yamaha SRV

Recently retired from full time work; looking forward to building a workshop and then restoration of the Moto Guzzis

Neil McCartin
age: 50+
Location: Thursday Island, Qld
bikes: Nevada club 750, Vespa gts 250

I presently live in the Torres Strait where I get around on the Vespa. Thursday Island is 3 square km. At the end of the year I will be returning to Brisbane were I have a de-registered Nevada waiting to be ridden.

Lee Joyce
age: 52
Location: Burnie, Tas
bikes: 2012 Stelvio NTX

I tend to change my rides every two years but this ones a keeper.

Steve Hall
age: 55
Location: Sydney
bikes: LM1, LM CX100

I'm an engineer by training. I have had British bikes in the past but I stick to Guzzis now.

age: Over 50
Location: Albany, WA
bikes: 1976 T3, KLR 650

I've had the T3 for about 5 years now. It was the first Guzzi I have owned. It was going to be a rebuild project but it just keeps going. The KLR was a recent purchase just to have something new. I have previously owned BSA, Triumph, BMW and Japanese bikes.

Nico denHeyer
age: 50s
Location: Cobar, NSW
bikes: EV California, 750 Commando, XR400

Living at the intersection of two long straight highways.

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