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Andre Deubel
age: 38
Location: Sydney
bikes: Le Mans MK3, V7 850 Eldorado

The MK3 is my daily runner, the Eldo is a restoration project. I'm an MGOA NSW member.

Stephen Orange
age: 54
Location: Bellingen, NSW
bikes: 1969 750 Ambassador

I work as maintenance supervisor in 2 small hospitals (Bellingen and Dorrigo). I have a '98 BMW R1100RS, a '69 Moto Guzzi 750 and a '69 Norton Commando basket case. I'm a member of the local (Coffs Harbour) vintage bike club and also of CIMAA.

Don Clifton
age: 64ish
Location: Sydney
bikes: Guzzi '81 850-T4

I also have a Suzuki GS550 enlarged to 700cc with different head, carbs, cams, etc. I also have a Suzuki VX800.

Terry Deer
age: Mid 50's
Location: Novar Gardens, SA
bikes: 2012 1200 Sport 4v

I needed a bike to tour with that I could use as a daily commute. I had recently sold my XJR1300 Yamaha due to the age of bike and spent a lot of time looking. The bike needed to be one that had character, went well and had a good range. I went to check out a Norge and bought the 1200 instead. It strips down to a naked but with panniers and all accesories fitted it makes a great tourer.

Martin Dalitz
age: 53
Location: Blue Mounains, NSW
bikes: '81 Guzzi Imola 350, '56 Guzzi Lodola 175, '81 R80G/S, Can-Ams, Metralla etc etc

I've had bikes around all my life, with lots of time spent racing and messing about in the shed. More recently I've enjoyed pottering around backroads and shortish trips away on the G/S, and the dust collects on the VMX and road racing bikes- not to mention the Imola...
I confess that I'm joining AIGOR because what I really want is a Nuovo Falcone. So if you know anyone with a spare N.F...

Rick Smith
age: 60
Location: Adelaide
bikes: Rough looking 850 T3, XL125 Honda, 1972 GT 750 Ducati, 650 Road Rocket BSA, half a 600 Norton Dominator

I bought the T3 in London and eventually rode it back to Aus. It still gets used for commuting, touring and Frats rides.
I last sold a bike in 1978. The last one I bought was the Honda, when I needed cheap wheels.
The BSA is in bits-a retirement project?

Geoff Le Raye
age: Fifties
Location: Sydney
bikes: 2013 Stelvio NTX, 2005 DL650 VStrom

I've had 30+ years of riding Japanese bikes while still admiring "others". I don't regret any of the bikes I've had (well, except for one Honda), but I finally bit the bullet and bought a Stelvio. I love it! I am now busy planning some road trips.

Graham Olsen
age: 57ish
Location: Yarra Valley, Vic
bikes: California 2011

My first Guzzi, a 1987 Lemans Mk111, was an excellent jigger. I have been through the Japanese 4 cylinders collecting tickets. Age has convinced me to lean toward cruiser style bikes. Any good day becomes a great day riding.

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