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Barry Creary
age: 64
Location: Sydney
bikes: BSA B50 and Moto Guzzi T5

The BSA I have has had a nut and bolt rebuild to look how I want and the Moto Guzzi will be having the same build.

John Leis
age: 60 ish
Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney
bikes: 2012 Norge


Ian Telfer
age: 63
Location: Tauranga, N.Z.
bikes: Moto guzzi V50ii

Had lots of Guzzies and BMW older bikes. Now restoring the V50 from a rusty box(es) of bits.

Greg Massey
age: 69
Location: Perth, W.A.
bikes: Sport 1100i '97 and Le Mans 850 '78

I previously owned a Mk III.

David W
age: 47
Location: South of Perth
bikes: Le Mans MK IV 1985, Honda VT250F(s)

This Guzzi is supposed to be a keeper. I've spent a long time looking, found one and now am trying to get it in showroom condition. Minor mods: electronic injection, Corbin seat, Staintune exhausts, dark red paint. All from previous owner. Planning to put bulk miles on the bike and entertain the kids with regular pillion rides.

David Banham
age: 35
Location: Frenchs Forest, NSW
bikes: 2013 V7 Stone

I've been riding for about 10-15 years. I've owned the Guzzi for the last 2-3. I write software for a living. I volunteer with the RFS and have a young family.

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